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The Oli Mazi PDFs are now available in easy-to-read flipbooks. Visit the Oli Mazi Archives to see past editions today.


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Judges, dancers and directors of the FDF share their stories in interviews. Sign up to get news about the premier of the documentary.


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The Dalai Lama believes that the fear, anxiety, and anger plaguing the world’s most prosperous nations boils down to a human need to feel needed.


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The FDF Documentary Why is the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival a competition? Ancient Greeks started the Olympics. They competed in poetry, dance and song, too. See what some modern Greeks have to say about competition in our new trailer.

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FDF Documentary Trailer

Listen to some of the people who've brought FDF to life. They're a big reason why the documentary started.

San Diego’s Greek Festival

Experience the sights and sounds of the Greek festival held annually at St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church.

San Diego People: The Hellenes

The San Diego City Schools Community Relations Division in 1981 produced this historical video and a workbook for teaching.