An Award-Winning Cosmetic Brand’s Greek Roots

KORRES, a self-described modern Greek apothecary, makes cosmetics using natural, homeopathic ingredients. Though the company is now based in the USA, it features Greek herbs and flora and is rooted in centuries-old Mediterranean practices.

Behind the Convent Walls

Behind the Convent Walls

Marcela Toboada spent three years documenting the story of Roman Catholic cloistered nuns in Mexican monasteries. In the incredible National Geographic picture story “The Secret Lives of Mexican Nuns,” she captures the spirit of the nuns along with a glimpse of their daily lives.

The Heroes of the Refugee Crisis

During the refugee crisis in 2015, thousands of refugees landed on the Greek island of Lesbos. Photojournalist Daniel Etter captured images of some of the island’s most compassionate citizens, who came together to aid the refugees in any way that they could.

Breaking Barriers Through Dance

Pulikali is an Indian dance performed every year in Kerala as part of the Hindu harvest festival Onam. While it is traditionally a male dance, a group of women made history this year by joining 500 men in the dance, something that has not been done for 200 years.

Father John Bakas and the Byzantine Latino Quarter

When Very Reverend John Bakas first came to Los Angeles’ Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral in 1995, he found the surrounding neighborhood full of crime and neglect. Problems ranged from badly maintained sidewalks and an abundance of trash to the presence of drug dealers and gangs. He was the driving force behind a renewal of the area into the inclusive, multicultural community that the Byzantine Latino Quarter is today.