Oli Mazi

Connecting People, Traditions & Generations

Όλοι μαζί | All together

You will find most of the Oli Mazi newspapers archived here as searchable PDFs. Abstracts written for each edition provide a comprehensive overview of that year’s publication, and make it easier to do a quick search by year and keyword. The abstracts will be released as they are completed.

The Oli Mazi is distributed at the annual FDF event. As such, every edition chronicles both the previous year’s event and highlights the current FDF. The newspaper includes articles about students’ and directors’ trips to Greece, expert articles about dance, music and costumes, in-depth profiles of award recipients and others, stories of volunteers and “faith journeys,” Greek history, news about the Greek community and the arts, and a welcoming greeting from the Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church of San Francisco.

Oli Mazi is officially sanctioned and published by the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival Board of Trustees, and is considered a supplement to the Diocesan Voice.