Connecting People, Traditions & Generations

How do you get young people off their phones and into theatres, art galleries and dance performances? The San Francisco Ballet had an idea that worked, and it could be a blueprint for other arts organizations. In an article titled, Dancing with Millennials, How the SF Ballet Trended on Twitter, writer Muriel McDonald tells us why the Night at the Sensorium event was so successful.

  1. Make an Evening of It. Art galleries did it first: night at the museum events. Night at the Sensorium had jaw-dropping dance performances, interactive exhibits, and an after-party.
  1. Plan Your Social Media Strategy. With an unexpected twist (I won’t give it away), Sensorium managed to engage the audience. The name of the interactive social media part of the program, #HopeCadenza, was briefly trending nationally on Twitter.
  1. Art Matters. The SF Ballet chose pieces that would appeal to a younger, more techie audience, and kept it smart and sophisticated. The dancing was incredible, and so were the tweets displayed on stage as part of the experience.

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