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A Web of Culture

This website is designed to be an interactive cultural experience where people can explore and share photographs, audio, video and written presentations about their heritage. The goal is to create an electronic museum that will become a living history repository.

The idea for the website grew out of a multi-year project dedicated to preserving the history of a unique ministry of the Greek Orthodox Church in America: the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance and Choral Festival, founded in 1976. We plan to feature in-depth stories of other cultural experiences, based on user-generated materials and ideas.

This site is the first step in building a multi-cultural e-museum – its growth will depend on the collaborative efforts of people like you. Please contact us if you would like to get involved, and thank you for your interest.

Thank You!

We’re grateful to everyone who has been involved in the upcoming documentary production, helped build A Web of Culture, supported our new nonprofit organization, or simply offered encouragement. Please join the fun and get involved, if you haven’t already.

Video Interviews
Ava Angels
V. Rev. John S. Bakas
Louise Bilman
Mary Coros
George Fahouris
Joseph Kaloyanides Graziosi
Ellie Hiatt
Aegean Dancers (2015), St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church
Ionian Dancers (2016), St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church
Louis Kades
Vicki Apostolou Kades
Yianni Kades
Yiannis Konstantinou
Patricia Kouris
Charles Kyriacou
John Lulias
Eleni Constantine Manolelis
Athena Plakoudi-Martin
Kathy Loukatos-Meck
Kyriakos Moisidis
Loula Moschonas
George Nickols
Gina Nicolaou-Kazanjian
Lawrence Olliffe
Christos Papakostas
George Papangellin
Mia Booras Papangellin
Rev. Thomas Paris
Elaine Pepares
Irene Simvoulakis Peros
Tony Petroulias
Louis “Troy” Preovolos
Nicholas Preovolos
Peter E. Preovolos
Spiro G. Preovolos
Thanasi K. Preovolos
Nikos Saviddes
George Scarvelis
Robbi Schulman
Anne Gani Sirota
Amy Stamison Kotsiomitis
Rev. Andrew Scordalakis
Dena Stamos
Spiro Stamos
Danny Staveris
Nikos Stefanidis
George Terris
Maria Terris
Fotiny Varvitsiotis
Aris Yortzidis
Marilyn Kromydas Yeatts
Andy McRory Photography
Animus Studios
Michael Bateman
Bottom Line Marketing
DPL Productions
Edouard V. Rosa Law Office
George Fahouris
Faber Productions
Footprint Film
Alex Graham
Nancy Hendrickson
Jonothan Woodward Photography
Kevershan Design
Simone Llerandi
Michael Brueggemeyer, Filmmaker
New Evolution
Parallel Interactive Communications, Inc.
Passage Productions
Preovolos Lewin & Hezlep, ALC
Maureen Singer
John Sooklaris
Staylor-Made Communications, Inc.
Bradford Tennyson Photography
Testerman Communications
Greek Heritage Society of Southern California
Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival Ministry
Kypseli Dance Center
The Peter E. Preovolos Family
San Diego Hellenic Cultural Society
Ascension Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Oakland, CA
Jozef & Louise Bilman
Ellie Hiatt
The Huffington Center, St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Ramona-Julian Academy of Dance
Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, Falls Church, VA
San Diego Folk Dance Center
Peter & Litsa Preovolos
Jerry Savin & Anne Gani Sirota
Jim & Dena Stamos
Fontiny Varvitsiotis

One key aspect was that we did not want the concept or the organization to be co-opted by adults. We wanted it to remain a young-adult organized and run event.

George Scarvelis

Founder and 1st Executive Director, FDF

It actually is like a second heartbeat for me. I teach the kids how to praise God's name through dance. I teach them regions, about ethnic backgrounds, what they're doing and what it means.

Danny Peter Staveris

FDF Dancer, Director & Judge

FDF was very instrumental in my career and in bringing out a talent that I didn't know I had, in finance, budgeting and cost control, which I'm still working in today.

Amy Stamison Kotsiomitis

FDF Dancer, Executive Director & Director

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