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KORRES, a self-described modern Greek apothecary, makes cosmetics using natural, homeopathic ingredients. Their lip butter was just named one of “The Internet’s Top 10 Word-of-Mouth Beauty Products” by the Wall Street Journal, and their Wild Rose Oil nabbed a spot on Allure’s Best of Beauty 2016: The Naturals. Though the company is now based in the USA, it features Greek herbs and flora and is rooted in centuries-old Mediterranean practices.

In 1989, George Korres started working at the Tzivanides Pharmacy, Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy, in Athens. He was inspired by the power of natural ingredients and began creating his own formulas, founding KORRES in 1996.

KORRES’ packaging depicts a Rakokazano, a symbol representing its Greek roots. The Rakokazano is a wood-fired kettle that has been used to distill grapes and make Raki, an alcoholic spirit, for almost 2,000 years around the Mediterranean. Raki distilling was passed down by George Korres’ ancestors, as was the family’s Rakokazano, which today sits in George’s office. George’s first KORRES product was a cough syrup made with honey and aniseed. It was inspired by Rakomelo, a combination of Raki and honey that George’s grandfather used to give him as a child. Farmers and miners would take Rakomelo to work as a warming beverage, and it was also used for dressing wounds.

KORRES marries ancient tradition with modern research. They test natural ingredients to find their effect on skin biochemistry and how best to utilize them for skincare. Brand Development Director Lena Korres is a chemical engineer herself, and KORRES collaborates with 8 research centers.

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