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For an immersive experience featuring the latest in international cetacean research, check out Whales: Giants of the Deep, which runs March 19 through September 5, 2016 at the San Diego National History Museum. Developed and presented by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, the new exhibition is interesting and educational for both children and adults.

Whales features plenty of things to amaze you, including two fully articulated sperm whale skeletons (one of which is 58 feet long!), fossils of whale ancestors, artifacts made out of whalebone, and art inspired by these majestic animals. You’ll be able to listen to whale sounds and learn about how scientists use sound to track whales during their migrations. The exhibition also includes information about whale biology, the evolution of whales from land to sea mammals, and the history of whaling and whale riding in New Zealand.

Children can climb through the life-size replica of the heart of a blue whale, the world’s largest living creature, and pretend they are underwater while viewing whale videos through portholes and projections.

If the exhibition inspires you, venture out for the chance to see whales in their natural habitat! From December to April, gray whales pass right along San Diego’s coast during their migration from Alaska to Baja California. The Natural History Museum offers exciting whale watching expeditions.

Whales is one of the animal-themed exhibitions in the “Part of the Pride” collection created to celebrate the San Diego Zoo’s 100th anniversary this year.