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A Web of Culture’s FDF Judges blog series continues with George Nickols, who has been a judge at FDF since 1986 and is a long-standing member of the FDF Board of Trustees. He has been involved in Greek dance for over 50 years.

In the 1960s, Nickols joined the Hellenic Dancers, a group directed by Athan Karras. The Hellenic Dancers performed at church events as well as in film and television. The late Nick Varvitsiotis was also part of the group, and although the two men had previously known each other through their fathers, dancing together started a 30-year friendship.

Nickols was later a part of the Intersection dance group, which formed in 1965. In the Intersection, Varvitsiotis and Nickols were assistants to director Athan Karras. The group performed at cultural events all over California.

Nickols was also a member of the dance group Panegiri, which was formed in 1975 and directed by Varvitsiotis.

The above photo from the Spring International Folk Dance Weekend in Catalina, California circa 1969 shows George Nickols in the bottom right corner. For a complete list of dancers, visit our history page.