Connecting People, Traditions & Generations

If every picture tells a story, each of these photo posters is a complete storybook. Images from a single Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival (FDF) event were collected and posted on their own boards, which are stored by the Preovolos family. Many familiar faces in these individual photos, including people who are still involved with FDF. Besides being a Who’s Who of FDF for that year, the posters show what it was like off-stage at FDF. You can’t help but feel some of the excitement of those who were there.

You may be wondering what year these photos were taken, and where. And who is the child behind bars? How old IS that computer, sitting next to those youngsters, judges Louise Bilman and Joe Graziosi? Who’s the clown?

Visit our Facebook page or comment here to help us identify the people in the posters, the year, the FDF host city, and anything else that helps tell the story. It’s more fun that way!