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Interested in local or regional folklore? Wondering where to study folklore? The American Folklore Society (AFS) is a great resource. Universities in the U.S., Canada and other countries offer undergraduate and graduate courses on folklore. Many of these programs also provide opportunities to do fieldwork. If you’re curious about learning more about folklore without entering a formal degree program, AFS can help you there, too.

Apply for a degree program in folklore.

AFS publishes a list of universities in the US and Canada offering folklore studies programs leading to a degree. The site has lots of tips for learning more about the programs, including how to contact faculty members and administrators directly.

What do folklorists do?

Folklorists not only teach classes. In addition to teaching, they conduct library and field research on folklore throughout the world. Folklorists organize and archive materials, and publish articles, papers and books on what they have learned. They also work on and off campus to support the study of folklore.

Explore the AFS website’s Folklore Commons section for information about conferences, workshops and events. In addition, members can join in discussion forums and add content to the Folklore Wiki. To learn more about Greek culture in America, our blogs are a good place to start.

How to find a folklorist in your area.

Many folklorists teach at colleges and universities that don’t offer degree programs in folklore. You can contact your local college or university to learn more about faculty members who are folklorists and how to contact them. AFS also invites you to join the organization and search their Member Directory to help locate a folklorist in your area.

Created in Cambridge, Massachusets in 1888, AFS serves those in the field of folklore studies, which includes the organization’s 2,000 members and subscribers (one in eight are from countries outside of the US). Interested in studying and communicating knowledge about folklore throughout the world? Check out AFS and get started.