Connecting People, Traditions & Generations

“Kefi, The Story of FDF” was selected for screening at the Golden State Film Festival last February and was also honored with an award for “Best Score, Short Documentary.” The soundtrack showcases a variety of Greek music, from the audio that accompanies the dances done at FDF over the years to selected stock tunes.

We are especially proud to have been able to feature songs by the Seattle-based group, Drómeno. This popular band performs nearly non-stop yet always seems to make time to play at FDF. In the documentary, there are scenes of the band playing at the after-hours glendis at FDF, as well as on stage. Listen for songs from their album, “Music from Epirus” in the documentary and check out their website to see their schedule, watch videos and purchase albums.

Nikos Savvidis, acclaimed dancer and FDF judge, played they lyra for us and you can enjoy excerpts from his song in the documentary. We interviewed Nikos at the home of Jerry Savin and Anne Sirota and afterwards, Nikos joined family and friends who were playing and singing in the backyard.

The upbeat song behind the final scenes of “Kefi” is by the Bouzouki Kings, a popular band from Greece. We listened to hours and hours of music for the documentary. Sometimes the instrumental worked well but after researching, it turned out that the lyrics or the story behind the music didn’t fit the scene. Some of my favorite music comes from the FDF choral groups who are featured in the film.

Many thanks to the judges at the Golden State Film Festival for this honor, and to all the talented musicians who brought their beautiful music to “Kefi.” Plans are on hold to screen the documentary due to the pandemic and we’re unable to link you to the music at this time. Please stay well and we will keep you up to date on the news about “Kefi.”