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From Santorini’s crisp Assyrtikos to Malagouzias of the Peloponnese, dry white wines from Greece have been coming to America and getting an enthusiastic reception. Lettie Teague, who writes about food and drink for the Wall Street Journal, says in her article that Greek wine is “a lone bright spot in an ailing economy.”

Sofia Perpera, of the Greek Wine Bureau of North America, has been promoting Greek wine in the U.S. for almost 12 years. According to Perpera, they have gone from obscurity to sought-after status. One of the reasons was the movement away from producing grape varieties grown internationally and focusing on native grape varieties. Wine professionals note that Greek dry white wines pair well with Mediterranean diets, and are a refreshing change in warm climates.

Dionysi Grevenitis, formerly a sales representative for Frederick Wildman and Sons, the New York-based importer and distributor, started a company specializing in Greek wines. According to the article, Grevenitis thinks today’s drinkers are “as interested in a white from Crete made from the Thrapsathiri grape as they might be a grand cru Burgundy.”

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