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We are celebrating Mother’s Day in the United States this weekend. In a blog from LAT Multilingual Translation & Marketing written in 2012, author and LAT’s English Content Manager, Emily Larson, collected responses from translators from Italy to India about the role of mothers.

First she reminds us that in North America, Mother’s Day was established after the Civil War by women’s peace groups. Anna Jarvis made the holiday official in the 20th century.

French translator, Hacéne, writes that French Mother’s Day began in 1906 and was organized in Lyon in 1918 in response to the mothers who lost their sons during the First World War. The date was officially set as the last Sunday in May in 1950. French and North America, cultures both focus on raising their children to be independent.

The company’s Chinese Communications Specialist Cissy Yee and her friend Hazel Yu sent this:

“To understand your parents’ love, you have to raise your own children” – Chinese Proverb

The Punjabi and Indian translators write that in their cultures, a mother’s place is next to God. Respecting your mothers is like worshipping God. They also sent this quote:

“If a mother is educated, a whole family is educated.”

And this from Poland:
Nie ma jak u mamy
“The best things you get, you get from your mother.”

Do you have a favorite saying about the role of mothers?

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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