Connecting People, Traditions & Generations

Looking to trace back your ancestry but not sure where to start? Family Tree Magazine offers a list of helpful hints for beginning genealogists. Follow these steps to begin your family tree!

  • Gather what you already have. Rummage through everything – your closets, attic, drawers, basement, Dad’s old trunk – and collect whatever you can find. Keep your eye out for family records, photos, diaries, even newspapers.
  • Talk to relatives. Reach out to parents, grandparents, distant cousins, and friends of the family. Go deeper than facts and dates – ask about their memories. Have them recount stories of growing up and the family members they can recall. Record your interviews for future reference.
  • Scour the Internet. Search databases of names on the web using One-Step Webpages by Stephen Morse. Other helpful websites include and
  • Find a local search center. There are over 4,000 FamilySearch Centers around the nation. Locate the branch nearest to you to access their massive collection of genealogical information.
  • Stay organized. Keep a detailed record of all your findings. Be sure to make photocopies of photos and documents and file them accordingly.

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Photo credit: “PSM V83 D336 Three slovak immigrant women” by Unknown – Popular Science Monthly Volume 83. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons