Connecting People, Traditions & Generations

With each interview, the documentary team was discovering enthusiasm for collecting and preserving not just the oral stories of FDF but photos and videos, medals, costumes – all things FDF. Peter Preovolos, one of the founders of FDF and sponsor of the documentary, started thinking about building an electronic museum to house the collections and stories.

To help create a brand and a strategy for the website, Peter contacted Danila de Granda at BottomLine Marketing (formerly Certain Strategy) in Irvine, CA. Danila’s professional design and branding expertise were just the tip of the iceberg – she envisioned an e-museum beyond FDF, encompassing Greek-American and other cultures. Her vision energized Peter’s dream and together, they came up with the name and a plan for A Web of Culture website. Last summer, Danila and her team created the vibrant brand and designed the website, and the work of building A Web of Culture was underway.