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Galleries of the Folk Dance Festivals

Our first galleries feature images from the Greek Orthodox Youth Folk Dance & Choral Festivals, organized by years. Most of the photos in the 1976 FDF gallery are from the collection of Marilyn Kromydas Yeatts, who generously shared them with us. Many more photos will be added to both the 1976 and 1991 galleries in the coming days, and look for more galleries to open soon. If you’d like to send your photos, or just stay in the loop about what’s going on, tell us how to get in touch with you. Many thanks to all our contributors!

Ionians greet archbishop 021316

St. Spyridon Ionian Dancers greet Archbishop Demetrios, Anaheim Marriott, February 2016.

Folk Costumes | Coming 2016

Developing a costume museum “wing” of A Web of Culture will initially involve gathering visuals and information about Greek folk dance costumes, for display on the website. Here are photos from the costume collection of Dena Stamos, with Irene Peros.


Oli Mazi

The Oli Mazi is the official voice of the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance & Choral Festival movement. It is officially sanctioned and published by the Board of Trustees, and is considered a supplement to the Diocesan Voice. View Oli Mazi Archives and Abstracts





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