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Athens is considered a “mecca for street art.” Greeks created graffiti reflecting political issues during World War II, and during the civil war and the military dictatorship of the 1960s and ‘70s. Street art continued with the artistic creations of the 1990s and as an expression of feelings about the current economic crisis.

Street Art Conservators, or, was founded four years ago by students at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens with a worthy goal in mind: to protect and preserve street art around Athens.

Seventeen people volunteer their time to the project, which is mostly self-funded. members choose a piece, and then work to determine what materials were originally used, talking with the artist if possible. Then they dive in. There are some pieces throughout the city that the group has come back to multiple times. members aren’t discouraged by the fact that their restorations may be temporary. “We want the public to enjoy the art for longer, whether that’s a few minutes or a few months,” they say.

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