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Join us in discovering a world of history, folk art and traditions. Starting with the story of the Greeks in America, we invite you to explore an ever-changing mosaic of customs, cultures and communities in the United States.

Read firsthand accounts of how people are keeping their heritage alive. Listen to authentic music. Have fun learning something new about the people around you, and share your own story. Let’s build a Web of Culture.

Through documentary films, personal interviews, archival photos, blogs, music, dance, and folk art, we gain different perspectives on the lively culture of the Hellenes in America. See how embracing the past connects modern families, communities, and societies.

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  • Greek in America

    A Story of Drive, Determination & Success

    Available in 2015

    If you don’t know where you came from, it’s hard to know where you’re going – or who you are. Peter Preovolos, business owner and community leader, shares stories about his Greek immigrant heritage. He also offers his unvarnished opinions about the perils of allowing our family, cultural, and community ties to slip away. In a new book due out next year, Preovolos makes a strong case for ancient Greek values – why we need them now more than ever.

  • 1,000 Greek Kids Dancing

    Coming Soon!

    An exclusive preview of the documentary.

    In the mid-1970s, 39 kids from a parish youth group in San Diego donned traditional Greek costumes, joined hands, and performed village dances. Almost 40 years later, the tradition continues as thousands of dancers and families in the Western U.S. gather every year for the Greek Orthodox Youth Folk Dance & Choral Festival.

  • San Diego People:
    The Hellenes

    An important chronicle of the history of the Greek community in San Diego, this program was produced for the San Diego City Schools Community Relations Division in 1981. The video features historic photos, stories of local Greek families and their ancestors, and a look at contemporary life of that era.

    More to Come from the Archives


    by Professor Louis A. Gaitanis

    Join a circle of Greeks dancing
    Hold the hands that held the hands
    of heroes of the second battle of Marathon
    When Axis Powers were stopped by ragged Greek bands
    A stand that changed the course of World War II
    And history came full circle, like the dance.
    Join a circle of Greeks dancing
    Hold the hands that held the hands
    of Soulian women who one by one left the circle
    Dancing off the mountain to deny the enemies’ demands
    Preferring death to surrender to the Turks and making true
    The freedom call: “Better one hour of freedom
    than forty years of slavery and jail.”
    Join a circle of Greeks dancing
    Join a circle of Greeks dancing
    Hold the hands that held aloft the light
    From Byzantium to the western lands
    The light first saved at ancient Marathon by the few
    Who stood against the Asiatic hordes and
    In so doing saved a continent
    And a new world as well.
    Come join a circle of Greeks dancing
    Hold the hands
    That held the hands
    That held the hands
    Of Homer.