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The name Hermione was brought to fame by a fictional young witch from the wildly popular Harry Potter series. But Saint Hermione, daughter of St. Phillip the Deacon, is a valiant heroine who deserves praise all the same.

Saint Hermione was courageous throughout her life. When they were young girls, Hermione and her sister got lost in the deserts of Turkey among hostile bandits and thieves. There they met Petronius, a disciple of St. Paul, who took them in and eventually helped Hermione start her own healing ministry.

She later faced a Roman emperor named Hadrian, who tried to force her into betraying her faith in Jesus and offering sacrifices to Hercules. When she refused, he pierced her feet with nails and threatened to throw her in a cauldron of boiling tar and lead. An angel appeared and saved Hermione as she was thrown into the pot. The fiery coals spilled out onto those around her and she was left unharmed.

Saint Hermione went on to establish numerous hospices throughout the land. She healed many in both body and spirit. We honor her by commemorating her feast day on September 11th.

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