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Wandering and exile are common themes present in the poetry of this famous Greek poet, often reflective of the history of Greece. George Seferis was born Georgios Seferiades in 1900 in a small town called Urla near what is now Izmir, Turkey. Seferis and his family moved to Athens in 1914. He later moved to France and studied law at the Sorbonne in Paris. Beginning in 1925, he served as a diplomat and spent many years living and working just outside of Greece. He went on to work for the Royal Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Seferis received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1963. His style seamlessly combines his own speech and experience with Homeric myth, and the Nobel Prize committee recognized him as a “representative Hellenic poet.” He was an Elected Honorary Foreign member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, as well as an Honorary Fellow of the Modern Language Association.

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